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Pocket Shot for Hunting & Outdoor Use

  • Up to 350 ft/second acceleration
  • Shoots slugs, Airsoft, and paintballs
  • Base ring material: fiber reinforced composite
  • Pouch material: latex
  • Color Multicolor


  • 1x Pocketshot

Power Full Knuckle Slingshot

1,399.00 1,100.00
  • High Quality Professional Unique
  • Design Slingshot.Ergonomic molded handle grip feels great in your hands.
  • This slingshot has 4 rubber bands,so its power is very strong.This can be detachable. Dual purpose using.
  • High velocity slingshot and high accuracy when aiming;Practical when unload as a self defenser

Powerful Stainless Steel Bull Slingshot For Hunting & Outdoor

1,000.00 850.00


  • Ergonomically designed grip,
  • Easy to carry and use.
  • With more powerful 3-strip rubber band.
  • Top accuracy to the target.
  • Under the adult’s guidance, the children also can play
  • 1xSlingshot 1 * Rubber Band